Bipolar disorder (bipolar mood disorder), also known as manic-depressive illness, is known as a psychological illness that causes impairment in a person’s mood, energy and ability to complete social activities. In Turkey, about 5 million people living with bipolar disorder is estimated to be in.

On the occasion of the World Bipolar Day, a music and theater event was organized to increase the morale and motivation of patients with bipolar disorder who were treated at Diyarbakır Dicle University psychiatry service. While the patients found morale with the music and theater activities, some patients participated in the event and played guitar and sang.

Dicle University Department of Psychiatry Professor. Dr. Stating that they organized this event to contribute to the treatment processes of the patients, Abdullah Atlı said, “Today is 30 March World Bipolar Day. On this occasion, we decided to organize a musical and theater activity with our patients in the service. Let our patients have a moral motivation, contribute to the treatment processes and also bipolar. We organized this event to raise awareness about the disorder.

Before the pandemic, we were regularly organizing these events once a month or two months with our theater and music teams. However, along with the pandemic process, these activities were also interrupted. As an important step of normalization and by following the precautions, we organized this event on March 30, World Bipolar Day to emphasize bipolar disorder, increase the morale motivation of our patients and psychosocial treatment.

Pointing out that bipolar disorder is a disease with attacks, Atlı emphasized that the risk of manic attacks increases in these patients, especially in the spring, and said:

“Bipolar disorder is a disease with attacks. Manic attacks and depressive episodes are present in this disease. Van Gogh is a famous bipolar patient. 30 March is Van Gogh’s birthday. Also, every year, especially in the spring season, some of our bipolar patients have a manic attack.” The risk of manic attacks in the spring season and depression in the autumn season increases in our patients. Since the possibility of having a manic attack increases in this period, they should pay attention to their sleep patterns and a balanced life, as well as they must comply with regular follow-up and treatment. “

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