With a greater amount of flying dust and pollen in the spring period, it creates significant disturbances in people who are sensitive to these pollens. Especially, the nose wings become red and the inside of the nose is blocked, the quality of life decreases seriously, if not treated, it causes eye problems, throat infection, ear problems, sleep and sound problems over time.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the patient as a whole. It is necessary to check it by looking inside the nose with an endoscopic camera. The condition of the structures in the nose gives an idea about allergies. The appearance, color and structure of the nasal meat and mucosa give an idea to the physician about allergies. In patients who are thought to be allergic, allergy tests can be performed to determine what and to which substance they are allergic and appropriate measures are taken.

After the allergy test, the nasal concha, bones and cartilages that block the nose are treated as recommended by the physician. Patients with allergies, especially in the spring period, suffer from this situation a lot. Patients who do not get enough response from drugs are looking for other remedies. The swelling of the meats that obstruct the inside of the nose with nasal surgery, the nasal concha is reduced with the Radio Frequency-laser method or the new technology plasma method and the nasal opening is increased.

Anatomical problems affecting the external appearance of the nose bring along aesthetic concerns in patients. In addition, if there are allergic and structural problems causing obstruction in the nose, it is beneficial for patients to undergo surgery. The treatment of allergies is not surgical, but increasing the nasal passage opening causes a decrease in allergic symptoms. Again, reducing the mucosa in the meats in the nose increases the quality of life by reducing the amount of nasal discharge.

It is like killing two birds with one stone when patients request nasal surgery due to allergies as well as functional and aesthetic reasons in the spring. Because allergic symptoms increase most in spring, intervention in the nasal meats during this period also provides significant relief in other seasons.

Increasing nasal functions increases the quality of life and quality of life. Aesthetically, the correction of the outer part makes people feel better by increasing their self-confidence and significantly increases their visibility in social environments and social media.

Performing nasal aesthetics in spring provides an important advantage in terms of spring allergy. Allergy is controlled and related complications are avoided. It is an obvious fact that if allergic diseases are not treated, it progresses and affects the lower respiratory tract, ie the lungs, more. Again, untreated allergic diseases cause serious eye and ear problems.

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