Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Algül Anıl Yılanlıoğlu said, “Myomas are located in the inner layer of the uterus according to their localization and can cause infertility. Those located in the inner musculature of the uterus, called intramural myoma, can reach very large sizes that take up space. Finally, they are under the outer layer of the uterus and are called subserous myoma and they can also be space-consuming and very large fibroids.

In terms of symptoms, submucous fibroids cause infertility, while intramural myomas are space-occupying lesions, which can cause abdominal swelling and pressure on adjacent tissues. If intramural fibroids press on the bladder in front, there is a complaint of frequent urination and inability to empty the urine completely. Again, they can cause complaints such as constipation and gas, even if they are pressing back to the rectum. Subserous myomas have the ability to take up space and make pressure as a mass, ”he said.


Stating that generally all types of fibroids will cause pain, Dr. Algül Anıl Yılanlıoğlu said, “There is not much information about why fibroids occur. Although it is obvious that their growth and aggravation of symptoms are due to sex hormones, it has not been shown that hormonal irregularities contribute to the emergence of fibroids. has not been determined ” used expressions.

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