Australian researchers found that some types of adipose tissue are more resistant to weight loss.

According to Medical News, the study, conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Sydney, observed changes in fat layers in different parts of the body during intermittent fasting.

Experts, who examined the types of adipose tissue taken from various parts of the body, observed that subcutaneous adipose tissues and the fat surrounding the organs underwent significant changes during fasting.

It has been noted that some of the fat tissues that provide the energy needed by the body by secreting acid become more resistant to secreting this acid during fasting.

Experts stated that this resistance is especially shown by the adipose tissues surrounding the internal organs and emphasized that these oils are resistant to weight loss.

As part of the study, experts examined more than 8,500 proteins found in fat clusters.

The research, which is stated to help determine the appropriate diet types against fat around the belly, was published in the journal “Cell Reports”.

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