Reducing the portions is an important way to lose weight. When you calculate calories, you realize that you should eat less than you normally eat. But if you start out with ambition and suddenly start eating a third of what you eat normally, things change. When you starve yourself, the hunger hormone ghrelin suddenly rises. The signal goes to your brain that you are not full. At the same time, it cannot secrete leptin, the satiety hormone of the body.

Ultimately you go into ‘starvation mode’. Often the situation of attacking the food occurs immediately afterwards. This is followed by feelings such as guilt, embarrassment or failure that cool people from diet. If you prefer meals containing lots of protein, vegetables and healthy fats, you can reduce the portions and stay full.

It has recently emerged that products with ‘low fat’ or ‘light’ on them are actually a big trick. When food manufacturers label any food as ‘low-fat’, they always substitute sugar or other harmful chemicals or additives. Just because fat accumulates in your abdominal area doesn’t mean that fat itself is harmful.

The primary oil to avoid is trans fats found in chips, cookies, cookies and crackers. Instead, you should eat whole foods that contain healthy fats. Eggs, raw nuts, avocados, cheese, yoghurt, kefir and goat cheese contain plenty of healthy fats that will keep you full.

Another thing that can easily deceive people is the energy bars. The unknown thing about energy bars is that they are only useful for workouts of 90 minutes and above. Men mostly exercise for 60 minutes or less and spend an average of 250 to 500 calories. Loading up on sports drinks and energy bars can cause you to regain all the calories you burn while exercising. It should also be noted that most energy bars are just differently packaged candies. The same goes for sports drinks.

Cardio exercises refer to exercises that are constantly in motion, such as running, rowing, walking, cycling, and swimming. However, cardio alone is not enough to build muscle. According to a study published by BMC Public Health, among overweight people who participated in a 12-week exercise program, those who did weight and cardio exercises together lost more weight than those who did only cardio.

While weight loss occurs in the body, muscle mass can also be lost at the same time. To put this into place, it takes weight training. Since muscle is a constantly active tissue, you can burn calories even while resting, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you spend. However, if you prefer more cardio, we recommend a layer of HIIT exercises in between.

How sweeteners affect the weight loss process is still not fully understood. However, it is known that artificial sweeteners can lead to higher obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart problems in the long term. At the same time, there are findings that the metabolism causes more fat storage by misleading the taste perception of the brain.

You can understand that artificial sweeteners are not very good by looking at the use of artificial sweeteners in unhealthy foods. Nutritious natural alternatives save you when you crave too sweet. One date or two dried apricots a day does not interfere with your diet and also relieves your sweet cravings. If you don’t want to get into sugar at all, you can mix the cinnamon powder and yogurt and eat it. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar and calms sugar cravings with its slightly sweet taste.

Gluten is among the main polemics of the fitness world. If you don’t have celiac disease or have obvious gluten intolerance, there is little point in turning to gluten-free foods for dietary purposes. Also, keep in mind that as with low-fat foods, extra sugar, fat, and starch are added to ensure that gluten-free products are not tasteless. So a gluten-free product is likely to contain more calories than the gluten-free original.

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