Stating that there are various diseases underlying snoring, as well as the structure and position of the oral cavity and the part behind it, experts say that a longer and softer tongue than normal can cause a very loud snoring.

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Murat Topak made evaluations about snoring, which is very common in the society.

Snoring indicates that the sleeper is having trouble breathing

Noting that snoring can be defined as “the noisy sound heard while breathing during sleep”, Prof. Dr. Murat Topak said, “It occurs when the inhaled air cannot pass comfortably behind the nose and throat or through the lower parts. The soft palate, tongue and throat tissues that relax during sleep narrow the airway and vibrate loudly during the passage of air. Snoring means that the person who is sleeping has difficulty breathing.

Snoring should not be considered harmless

Noting that snoring should be taken seriously, Prof. Dr. Murat Topak, “Snoring should not be considered harmless because not breathing properly during sleep can cause serious problems for your health.” warned.

Sleep test should be done in suspected sleep apnea

Stating that the nasal cavity, throat and larynx should be examined to find the cause of snoring, Prof. Dr. Murat Topak, “Since snoring is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, first of all, in case of suspicion of sleep apnea, a sleep test called polysomnography should be performed.” said.

Could there be other underlying diseases?

prof. Dr. Noting that snoring may be caused by some underlying diseases, Murat Topak said, “It is a disease that can be detected during the examination, which prevents breathing through the nose and therefore can cause mouth breathing and cause snoring, such as deviation of the septum, nasal polyps, concha hypertrophies, allergic rhinitis and nasal cavities If there are formations covering the snoring, snoring can be corrected by treating these diseases. said.

A longer-than-normal tongue can also cause snoring.

In addition, Prof. Stating that the structure and position of the oral cavity and the part behind it may be the cause of snoring. Dr. Murat Topak said, “For example, a longer and softer uvula can cause quite loud snoring. Large tonsils can also be counted among the causes of snoring. Snoring can be corrected with appropriate surgical interventions for the soft palate, uvula and tonsils. he said.

Weight loss is recommended

prof. Dr. Murat Topak said, “In addition to surgical interventions for the cause, some changes to be made in daily life may be beneficial for patients with simple snoring detected by examination and tests. For example, if there is excess weight, various methods such as losing weight, not lying on your back while sleeping, not drinking alcohol before going to bed may be beneficial. If there is a habit of smoking, it should definitely be quit.” gave advice.

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