Dr. DurmuĊŸ Burgucu said that considering the rate of smoking during pregnancy in Turkey, it is better than other countries. Stating that the desired smoking rate is ‘zero’ consumption at least 3 months before pregnancy and during the last period of pregnancy, Burgucu said, “As it is known, cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and is preferred as a standard treatment, especially in bone marrow transplantation. “We found that the amount of stem cells in the cord blood of women who drink is lower than those who do not.”

Dr. Burgucu also noted that smoking during pregnancy can lead to bad consequences such as miscarriage or stillbirth.


Noting that cord blood banking in Turkey has developed rapidly in the last 10 years, Dr. Burgucu said, “Currently, there is 1 center per 10 million population. There is predominantly banking in the type called ‘Turkish model’ in the literature. This model is a model in which autologous and allogeneic banking models can be applied together.


Explaining that cord blood with sufficient stem cells is used in sibling and non-relative transplants because it can be taken during birth, processed and frozen for many years, Dr. Burgucu said, “Cord blood banking is a field of application that has developed in the last 30 years. While cord blood was used as a hematopoietic (self-renewal and transforming into different cells) stem cell source in the bone marrow transplant treatment in the 1990s, it has also been used in the fields of regenerative and repairing medicine. can be used, “he said.

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