Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Association Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Atilla Özcan Özdemir, in a statement to Anadolu Agency on the occasion of May 31 World No Tobacco Day, stated that smoking and tobacco use are important causes of brain and vascular diseases like many other diseases.

Özdemir said that more than 7 million people die from causes related to smoking every year in the world, and that smoking is one of the leading risk factors for stroke.

Pointing out that smoking 5 cigarettes a day increases the risk of stroke by 12 percent according to scientific studies, Özdemir said, “It is known that the risk of stroke increases by up to 92 percent in those who do not quit smoking.” said.

“The risk of stroke in passive smokers can be up to 45 percent”

Underlining that passive smokers who are exposed to smoke even though they do not smoke, are at risk, Özdemir said, “Smoking affects not only those who smoke, but also passive smokers. The risk of stroke may increase up to 45 percent in those who are also exposed to secondhand smoke.” shared his knowledge.

Calling on the users to quit smoking, Özdemir said, “Smokers should consider the 31 May World No Tobacco Day as an opportunity to quit smoking. Do not forget that it is possible to get rid of cigarette addiction. They can refer to someone.” he said.

Özdemir also mentioned other factors that can lead to stroke in addition to smoking, and said:

“In addition to saying ‘no’ to smoking for cerebrovascular health, regular monitoring of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, healthy nutrition and regular exercise are important. When stroke symptoms are seen, it is necessary to call the 112 Emergency Call Center without delay. Sudden speech disorder, Slipping of the face and loss of strength in the arm may be a sign of stroke. Stroke can be cured if it is intervened within the first four and a half hours. The cure for stroke is early intervention.”

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