Stating that routine examinations should not be interrupted in order to prevent eye dryness, Prof. Dr. Koray Gümüş gave information about dry eye disease.

Dry eye can threaten vision

Dry eye is an eye disease that can seriously affect quality of life and threaten vision if left untreated. Symptoms include burning, stinging, itching, watering, feeling of sand, redness, fluctuation in vision during the day, and fatigue in the eye. Many people experience these complaints, but are not aware that they have dry eye disease.

Dry eye affects daily life negatively

When we interact with the external environment such as air conditioning, dry and polluted air, we feel the need to blink at regular intervals and we perform more than 10 thousand blinking movements per day. This means that when there is dryness in the eye, discomfort and deterioration in visual quality will be felt with every blink.

It also threatens those with rheumatological diseases.

Dry eye disease can develop due to different reasons and is basically examined in three main groups. These are the main reasons; The amount of tears called aqueous insufficiency is low, lipid deficiency or evaporation due to eyelash root inflammation and the coexistence of two conditions. Dry eye disease due to aqueous insufficiency is usually seen in people with rheumatological diseases and is often accompanied by the complaint of dry mouth. Dry eye disease, which is characterized by evaporation of tears, is also common. This type of dry eye, which can occur at any age, increases with age.

The incidence of dry eye disease increases after menopause

The age of onset of dry eye disease varies according to the underlying cause. For example, the onset ages of dry eye due to rheumatological based diseases and complaints due to evaporation may be different. However, the incidence and severity of postmenopausal dry eye disease increases with age, especially in women. Therefore, women should be under very close control during this period. In addition, dry eye disease occurs in children at a much earlier age, especially due to the increased exposure to digital screens recently. Conditions that trigger this problem; advancing age, menopause in women, screen exposure, dry climate, some systemic diseases and drugs used, air conditioning use, drinking less water, malnutrition, contact lenses and not paying attention to lid hygiene.

Pay attention to the eye makeup!

Women’s wrong choice of make-up materials, not cleaning the eye make-up regularly, the quality of the materials used in eye make-up and the proximity of the make-up to the anterior surface of the eyes can directly affect eye health. Oil, an essential part of tears, is produced in the meibomian glands in the eyelids. This oil produced is secreted from the ciliated edge to the anterior surface of the eye. Therefore, failure to clean the make-up daily and properly leads to the clogging of the ends of these glands and the death of these glands in the long term, paving the way for the formation of dry eye disease.

In addition, the quality of the make-up materials to be selected is also very important. While some chemicals in make-up materials cause inflammation at the bottom of the eyelashes, the way and density of make-up is another factor that can affect eye health.

Women who wear make-up all the time should not neglect their routine eye examination.

It is important that women who wear make-up do not neglect their routine eye examinations. In addition to general eye examination, dry eye and ocular surface tests should be done in detail. Our clinical experience unfortunately shows that valve hygiene is not given enough importance in our society. In female patients, especially the lids, ciliated edges, meibomian glands, tears and the anterior surface of the eye should be analyzed with high-tech devices, and all patients should be informed about the importance of special massage and cleaning at the lid/eyelash bottom. Raising awareness on this issue is very important in preventing dry eye disease.

You can protect your eye health with special treatments in the office environment.

In addition to routine hygiene care, special treatments to be carried out at regular intervals under the control of a doctor in the office environment also protect eye health. The aim of this treatment method, which will be used in Turkey soon, is to achieve a healthier tear by performing rhythmic massages on the lower and upper lids together with hot application, by draining the hardened fat in the glands.

Delaying treatment can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Everyone should go for an eye examination once a year, whether they have eye complaints or not. Early diagnosis and treatment is extremely important. Especially, delays in the treatment of dry eye disease can cause permanent damage to the eye. In our patients diagnosed with dry eye disease, the follow-up interval varies according to the condition of the disease.

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