As every year, with the approach of summer months, people’s desire to lose weight and get in shape has increased. While the most effective weight loss methods known stand out as personalized diet and exercise, research by experts pointed out that healthy and regular sleep is a major factor in weight loss. Jaw and Facial Prosthesis Specialist, who works on snoring treatment, Dr. Tuğrul Saygı said that not being able to lose weight with diet and exercise could be due to sleep problems, “While the hormonal balance of people who do not get enough sleep is disturbed, this reduces their metabolic rate and stops losing weight. Studies show that sleeping less than 6 hours causes weight gain and increases the risk of obesity in individuals by 45 percent. At the beginning of the triggers. he has sleep apnea.”


Noting that the main reason behind insufficient sleep is sleep apnea, Dr. Tuğrul Saygı said, “Snoring and sleep apnea, which cause intermittent sleep, make it difficult to lose weight, and the person gains weight even with a normal diet. Weight gain is triggered by snoring and sleep apnea that reduce sleep quality and decrease the secretion of hormones such as lectin and melatonin secreted during sleep. In addition, people with snoring and sleep apnea avoid activities that require effort because they feel tired all day long, which is one of the factors that facilitate weight gain.The rate of sleep apnea in people with weight problems (obese) is 70 percent. Especially in the neck area, lubrication If sleep apnea occurs when the airway is blocked while sleeping, symptoms may increase in parallel with weight gain.


Dr. Saying that sleep apnea affects individuals negatively not only physically but also psychologically, Respect touched upon the treatment methods:

“It is possible to get rid of sleep apnea, one of the biggest causes of unhealthy sleep, with a snoring prosthesis. The snoring prosthesis, which is effective in 90-95% of our patients, successfully opens the obstructed airway and prevents the formation of snoring and sleep apnea. Among our overweight patients, it improves sleep quality and relieves weight loss processes in those who are treated. The prosthesis prepared according to the person does not require any surgical intervention and is used only during sleep. “

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