Misophonia is the result of reduced tolerance to certain sounds. Experts who stated that the causes leading to the disease are not known; He states that clattering sounds such as typing on the keyboard and tapping the fingers on the table, as well as the sounds other people make while chewing, swallowing, mouth smacking and deep breathing cause discomfort in the person. Noting that the disease begins in the age range of 9-12, experts draw attention to the fact that it is more common in women.

Repetitive sounds are annoying

Stating that misophonia is formed by the combination of the Greek words to hate and sound, Psychiatrist Dr. Emrah Güleş said, “In this disease, the tolerance of certain sounds is reduced. Chewing, swallowing, deep breathing, mouth smacking, typing on the keyboard, tapping fingers on the table and rattling noises are among the most disturbing sounds in this disorder. The common feature of such sounds is that they are generally repetitive sounds. The response of misophonia patients to these sounds is usually in the form of a feeling of anger or restlessness, and they try to avoid or run away from these sounds.” said.

Misophonia begins at the age of 9-12

Noting that misophonia is more common in women, Psychiatrist Dr. Emrah Güleş said, “The cause of the disease is unknown, but it is considered both a neurological and a psychological disorder. Misophonia begins on average between the ages of 9-12. Studies show that there is more activity in some parts of the brain. We can say that obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder and Tourette’s syndrome are frequently seen together in patients with misophonia. In addition, people with tinnitus also have misophonia.” he said.

Behavioral therapy can be successful in treatment

Psychiatrist Dr. Emrah Güleş said that there is no agreed treatment method for misophonia, but therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization therapy can be successful.

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