Assoc. Dr. Zekioğlu made a presentation titled “Health Policies and Physical Activity with Cost Dimension” at the “1st National Physical Activity E-Symposium” organized by Trakya University online.

Zekioğlu stated that diseases seen in societies directly affect health systems and policies.

Explaining that physical inactivity causes many diseases, Zekioğlu emphasized that this situation has a great impact on the economy.

Expressing that physical mobility has decreased due to the spread of online systems and the change in business models today, Zekioğlu said, “The introduction of factors such as distance education and home working models has led to the adoption of a more sedentary (no physical activity) lifestyle by individuals.” said.

Zekioğlu pointed out that the problems increase with the movement-oriented human body staying away from physical activity.

“The movement-oriented programmed human body begins to be seen as a disease with the introduction of sedentary life into human life. Diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer are increasing. These diseases have a burden of disease on the health system. Because a year of life is lost. There are years of decline in the quality of life. From an economic point of view, there are labor and workday losses. They have individual and social effects. There are also abstract costs such as pain, pain and suffering that we can never calculate. “

Zekioğlu emphasized that studies are carried out around the world to improve health and create a healthy life, and in this context, physical activity is the key to an active life.

Stating that public health can be protected by increasing physical activity throughout the society, Zekioğlu said, “When 10 percent of individuals who do less than 150 minutes of activity a week increase their activity level, it is seen that the rate of catching non-communicable diseases such as stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular system diseases will decrease.” he said.

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