Providing information to families on how to treat their children, Yücel said, “The social development of children who have to spend almost all of their time at home due to Kovid-19 is significantly limited. During this period, parents who have to work from home or both work, are directed to technological devices such as computers, phones and tablets, if there is no elder or caregiver who can take care of the children enough. Children, on the other hand, can spend hours with technological devices such as phones, computers, tablets and televisions, with the effect of curiosity and interest brought by their age. This situation negatively affects children’s already limited social relationships.


Pointing out that it paves the way for children to be imprisoned in a virtual world with technological devices, Yücel said, “As a result, a situation called screen addiction emerges. The fact that even school-age children carry out their lessons on the computer, unfortunately, strengthens this addiction even more. In time, we may encounter serious problems such as asociality, problems in the development of social intelligence and psychological negativities that can affect even adulthood in children who are increasingly distant from social activities.


Stating that it is necessary to be more patient with children in this period, Yücel said, “With the effect of the pandemic period, children need their parents much more so that their social and physical development can be completed in a healthy way. For this reason, parents should be more patient and sensitive towards their children, especially in this period, and take care to spend enough time with their children in order to meet their different social needs appropriate for their age.


Mentioning the importance of parents spending quality and sufficient time with their children by communicating adequately and doing various activities with them, Psychologist Yücel said, “Many activities such as eating, bathing, playing games, sleeping together, reading books help you meet their socialization needs. Parents need to be just like friends with their children in this process. Eating meals together, chatting while eating, and talking about topics that will interest children are very useful. Making plans about the future also develops the imagination of children. Reading books to children who can’t read or reading books together with children who can read is beneficial in terms of intelligence development,” he said.

Reyhan Ateş Yücel stated that playing creative and educational games with their children accelerated their social and physical development and made the following suggestions to families:

“Also, with plans such as exercising by determining daily sports hours in the house, parents can create both a game and a healthy activity for their children. For children who are also interested in cartoons, computer and tablet games due to the influence of the technology age, these non-social activities should be limited to a very small period of time, and instead, activities that will benefit from intelligence and social development should be preferred. Especially during the pandemic period, taking care of children who need their parents more than ever is essential for a healthy adulthood. This approach is the only solution to prevent negativities such as asociality, screen addiction and fear of social relationships.

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