Assoc. Dr. Tülin Fidan, in her written statement, stated that children’s screen use is one of the issues that parents often complain about, and that the screen environment, which used to be mostly used for entertainment, was used by children to perform activities such as education, learning, exams and socialization with the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. and noted that it has become a basic need in many areas of adolescents’ lives.

Emphasizing that the screen environment should exist in children’s lives in a way that does not pose a threat to their mental health or impair their development, Fidan said:

“The most common problems that parents complain about and have difficulty in coping with are the inability of children to regulate the screen time, the inability of children to adapt to the regulated time, the constant tension between parents and children due to the lack of cooperation on boundaries, and the deterioration of the quality of the relationship. Screen use appears to us at this point. Revise screen usage rules with your child. Re-create clear times, clear and concrete rules and apply them consistently. Take precautions for age-appropriate use of the screen safely. Develop a positive, communicative relationship with your child so that your child can be protected from the dangers of the internet. Let him tell you when there is a problem. Support your child to create areas of off-screen activity. Set clear sanctions for non-compliance with time and rules.”

Assoc. Dr. Fidan emphasized that screen addiction is a type of behavioral addiction and its prevalence has been increasing in children in recent years.

Stating that the presence of childhood mental illnesses such as attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, depression, and social phobia is a risk factor for screen addiction, Fidan said, “If there is still a problem with time and rules despite making arrangements in the house, it is recommended to seek support from child mental health professionals at this stage. ” used the phrase.

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