What kind of recovery process awaits the patient after a stroke?

There is a “use or lose” principle in the human brain. When used, rapidly developing properties can be lost quickly when not used. For example, if the patient cannot use his right arm when awakening after a stroke, the brain prefers to choose the easiest thing after a few tries. If the physical therapy and rehabilitation program is not started quickly, the brain gradually loses the ability of the right hand and increases the ability of the left hand.

This can cause permanent paralysis by blunting the right hand. In order to prevent this, this period should be managed well. There are cells lost due to stroke, as well as cells that are affected but have not recovered yet. It is necessary to immediately send a signal to these cells to recover and to awaken the stem cells that are sleeping around and will learn about them when there is a new task.

When should physical therapy be started after a stroke?

In particular, patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral edema, cerebral hemorrhage, partial paralysis after cerebral vascular occlusion, and complete paralysis need an intensive physical therapy rehabilitation program after intensive care. The important point here is to be able to start rehabilitation at the right time for the right patient. Comprehensive inpatient physical therapy is important in the early period. Robotic physical therapy can contribute positively to recovery in stroke treatment.

It is important to choose a fully equipped stroke physical therapy center that can provide comprehensive neurorehabilitation. Inpatient physical therapy or outpatient physical therapy program should be administered by a professional team. A complete teamwork is required here. The extensive neurorehabilitation team consists of a large group of physiotherapy rehabilitation specialist physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurse, swallowing therapist, speech and language therapist, physical therapy technician, and psychologist. Turkey has the best best hospitals and treatment centers in stroke treatment and stroke.

In order to meet all the needs of the patient in the early phase of stroke treatment, it should be preferred that the physical therapy center is located in a hospital complex where every branch of medicine is located. Because in the treatment of early stroke, other branches may be needed at any time due to the risks the patient carries.

In the treatment of stroke paralysis, the physical therapy center having a robotic rehabilitation infrastructure increases the benefit that the patient will see. The contribution of robotic physical therapy to the prevention of permanent paralysis and successful treatment in the treatment of stroke is great.

What are the robots commonly used in stroke treatment?

It is quite common that stroke treatment is defined as a direct result of stroke treatment among the public. Stroke treatment in one of the country’s best applied by robotic physical therapy comes from Turkey.

Early Walking with Robotic Bed: In the treatment of paralysis, it is possible to re-learn the correct use of hand and arm in the early period with passive walking with a robotic bed, passive, active and active walking with a walking robot, and hand arm robot.

With the system called the robotic bed, the patient is gradually upright and passive walking is provided. For early treatment, the robotic bed reminds standing upright and is used to send stimuli from the feet to the brain with passive walking.

When deemed necessary, electrical simulation is given to the relevant muscles and the load is increased according to the pressure given by the patient to remind them to walk again. When the patient starts to achieve success here and starts to keep his body upright, the next stage is started.

Walking Robot: Re-learning of walking with the walking robot is activated when the patient starts to keep his / her body upright in stroke treatment. Active assisted walking robot is an advanced device used with virtual reality. It is basically a motor-assisted exoskeleton that we call an exoskeleton.

When using a walking robot in the treatment of paralysis, thanks to the integration of virtual reality, an avatar, which is a reflection of the patient’s body, appears on the screen. The performance of the patient is monitored with games. As the patient can move freely, the support of the robot is reduced. Robotic feet allow the patient to do as much movement as they can in stroke treatment. Where the patient’s strength is not enough, robot support is activated and the patient completes a complete walking style. In this way, it is ensured that the patient both strengthens his muscles and learns to walk again with feedback to the brain.

The walking robot used in the treatment of paralysis allows the patient’s waist-hip-pelvis region to move in the most natural way in the physiological pattern.

Gravityless Walking System: In stroke, walking is impaired especially due to weak leg muscles and there is a significant balance disorder. The risk of falling has increased significantly. In these patients, the patient who reaches a certain level with the walking robot, the stage of improving balance and walking ability is started with the non-gravity walking system. In this system, the patient’s load can be reduced up to 80% against gravity. This system is achieved by creating a closed area on an advanced treadmill that reduces air pressure. As the gravity is reduced, the load on the legs is reduced. This allows the paralyzed side with partial muscle weakness to move freely. It provides an extremely safe environment as its sides are closed and allow holding.

Hand Arm Robot: In the treatment of paralysis, the hand arm robot is initially used for passive movement of the joints. In the later stages, it is used to complete the movement that the patient cannot do. It is integrated with virtual reality to increase the patient’s motivation, and the patient is tried to treat the paralysis by playing various games. The handpiece has also been developed in the latest version of hand arm robots. With this part, the hand area is also intensely operated. There are around 20 different games in the hand arm robot that can be used according to the education and interest level of the patient. In stroke treatment, the partially paralyzed area is treated by motivating the patient with robotic part virtual reality and games in the hand-arm robot. Thus, a reorganization that will command the hand and arm region in the brain is tried to be provided.

What is Turkey’s place in the world in the treatment of stroke?

The aim of all physical therapy applications in the treatment of stroke is to restore the patient to his / her former independent life without needing anyone. The most important goal is to prevent and treat paralysis or partial paralysis before returning to permanent paralysis.

The best stroke treatment centers in the world are necessarily comprehensive centers that address all aspects of stroke disease. Preventing paralysis is the most important issue in the treatment of stroke. For this purpose, a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapy technician, rehabilitation nurse, language and speech therapist, swallowing therapist, cognitive rehabilitation professional and orthotic prosthesis technician should work in harmony under the leadership of a physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist in stroke treatment centers.

Consultant neurology, neurosurgery, internal medicine, cardiovascular surgery, infectious diseases and wound care specialists should be available when necessary. There should also be intensive care in hospitals where there are physical therapy centers treating early stroke patients to apply when necessary. Because cerebral vascular occlusion, cerebral blood clotting, cerebral hemorrhage may be repetitive from time to time. If the patient develops unconsciousness or aggravation in the picture of paralysis, this should be remembered and the necessary measures should be taken immediately.

World best stroke treatment centers in Turkey should we consider the knowledge and the highest level in terms of technological infrastructure as well as robotic stroke physical therapy treatment centers are available. paralysis due to stroke experts in all necessary medical treatment and health workers are available in Turkey. Turkey but with the best physical therapy centers in the most advanced countries in the treatment of stroke centers even has better features.

For this reason Turkey to Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Britain, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Algeria, Morocco – Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan Patients come from many countries such as Turkmenistan for paralysis treatment. good stroke treatment centers, doctors in Turkey also provided training for stroke treatment centers in many countries.

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