Stating that thyroid disease occurs with symptoms such as swelling in the neck, hoarseness, difficulty in breathing, change in voice and difficulty in swallowing, General Surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Arer said that the enlargement of the thyroid gland, which is due to a nodule or an increase in the volume of the thyroid gland, is a goiter. General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Arer stated that goiter can be a type of cancer that is common in the community and is generally benign and manifests itself in the form of millimeter-sized thyroid gland imaging, thyroid cancer, nodule, which can usually be detected by ultrasound.

General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Arer stated that according to ultrasound findings and risk factors, thyroid fine needle aspiration (biopsy) should be performed and surgery should be decided according to the biopsy result. Underlining that they are the tumors with the best prognosis among all cancers, Assoc. Dr. Arer stated that it can most commonly spread to the lymph nodes in the neck, some varieties can spread to the body through the blood, and the 10-year survival rate reaches 95-98 percent.


Explaining that the definitive treatment for a patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer by biopsy was surgery, Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Arer, “The thyroid gland needs to be removed completely (total thyroidectomy). Hoarseness may be experienced especially in patients with thyroid cancer or those who have had thyroid surgery before. Hoarseness can be completely resolved within 9-12 months. Permanent hoarseness is less than 1 percent. During the operation, the nerve that goes to the vocal cords on both sides can be confirmed with an intraoperative neuromonitoring (nerve device) device. In order to avoid this complication, the nerve next to the thyroid gland should be seen and separated from the thyroid gland during the surgery.


Stating that they used a device to detect the nerve going to the vocal cords during the surgery, Assoc. Dr. “There is a chance to find and confirm this nerve with a special device called nerve monitoring. This tool has a special tube. The patient is put to sleep with him in surgery. While removing the thyroid gland, the operation is performed by finding and protecting the nerve. The Custom Monitor makes it easy to confirm the nerve. In this way, the rate of hoarseness can be reduced below 1 percent,” he said.


Stating that the use of the device that helps to find the nerve in the vocal cords does not reduce the risk of nerve damage, Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Arer stated that after the surgery, some patients had low calcium levels due to the deterioration of the circulation of the parathyroid glands and that the patient was given calcium medication. In the same way, Arer stated that a neck ultrasound should be done in terms of spread to the lymph nodes in the neck before the surgery and accordingly neck dissection (removal of the lymph nodes in the neck) can be performed together, and that Radioactive iodine (Atom therapy) can be given to the patient according to the pathology result after the surgery and that after thyroid surgery, patients can be treated every day throughout their life He said they were taking thyroid hormone medication.

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