That’s right: You can hide your cellulite by tanning.

Yes, a small color change can make cellulite, one of the most important problems of women, less visible. But it should not be forgotten that cellulite is a skin problem and spending a long time under the sun will damage your skin. Come and create the same effect by using a tanning cream or spray instead of damaging your skin for a tanned skin.

Myth: You can get rid of cellulite with a low-fat diet.

No, a diet low in carbohydrates or fat does not help cellulite disappear. In fact, there is no miracle food or magic diet with which you can combat this problem. Experts emphasize the importance of nutrition in this regard and offer the following recommendations:

✓ Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
✓ Choose whole grains.
✓ Consume lean protein sources.

Fact: Men rarely get cellulite.

Maybe that’s not fair, but unfortunately it’s true! Cellulite is usually seen in women as it is related to hormones. This problem can also be encountered in those who suffer from obesity and rarely in men with high estrogen hormone levels.

Myth: Using birth control pills can make the cellulite problem even worse.

Although some experts think that the hormones in birth control pills can cause cellulite, there is no clear scientific evidence on this subject.

True: Some special creams can prevent the formation of cellulite.

If you choose the right products, eat healthy and exercise regularly, you can prevent cellulite formation.

False: You can completely get rid of your cellulite with laser treatments.

It has been observed that positive results can be obtained for a year or more in cellulite treatment with special laser heads produced in 2012. It is not yet clear what will happen in the long run!

That’s right: Almost all women have cellulite!

If you look in the mirror and look away from cellulite areas, we have good news for you: More than 80 percent of women have cellulite. Even supermodels! Cellulite naturally starts to look worse as a person ages. Exercise is of great importance in the fight against this problem. When you add sports to your life, you do not miraculously get rid of your cellulite, but at least you can reduce your fat ratio and increase your muscle mass.

That’s right: Losing weight helps improve the appearance of cellulite a little more.

If you’re complaining about being overweight, how about losing some weight? Because excess fat accumulation in the body causes cellulite to become more prominent. Keep in mind that even though you are close to your ideal weight, losing more weight than necessary can make cellulite look worse.

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