According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from the data of the European Statistics Office (EUROSTAT), health perception statistics have been determined. Thus, when all age groups were examined, it was revealed that men felt healthier than women. In the study, the age group that felt the healthiest was between the ages of 18-44, with 88.3 percent for men and 86.3 percent for women. In the second place, men with 67.3 percent, and those between the ages of 45-64 with 64.5 percent were recorded. In the last place, over the age of 65, 43.1 percent of men felt healthier, while 36.5 percent of women were found. While the data covers European countries, it was seen that the perception of being healthy decreases with age in both male and female populations.

According to the information compiled by Ajans Press from the digital press archive, it was determined that 290 thousand 617 news related to the health topic were reflected in the press only this year. While news outlets increased in this sense with Kovid-19, it was determined that the rate of talking about diseases such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes and blood pressure in the media was quite high. Among the most common forms of death in Europe, the first 3 diseases were observed as cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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