Prof. Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology. Dr. Co┼čkun Usta, recommending healthy sleep to those who have a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) vaccine, “Eat healthy, take natural minerals and vitamins.” said.

The master said that the number of cases will continue the effectiveness of the virus until social immunity is established.

Stating that it is very important to comply with the rules and vaccination studies, Usta noted that the only hope for Kovid-19 is the vaccine since there is no cure at the moment.

Stating that studies have been carried out to increase the benefit of existing vaccines, the master said:

“A new study has been published in an important medical journal in this field. In this study, the things to be done to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine were examined. It turned out that the antibody responses were much stronger if people slept well that night and in the first ten days after the vaccine was vaccinated. After getting the Kovid-19 vaccine, sleep regularly, because the vaccine will regulate the immune system and fight against that virus. This is a very important advantage, so people who have the vaccine should be very careful about their sleep. It has been shown that morning vaccinations can produce more antibodies. In the morning, our immune system is more ready. “

Pointing out that everyone should comply with the Kovid-19 measures, Master said, “To produce more antibodies with the Kovid-19 vaccine, if possible, have your vaccine done in the morning, pay attention to your sleep pattern for the first ten days, eat a healthy diet, take natural minerals and vitamins.” used the expression.

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