General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Saber Sazdar made warnings about breast cancer.

Emphasizing that breast cancer in women is more risky after menopause, regardless of age, Sazdar said:

“If breast cancer is intervened in a timely manner with today’s advanced diagnostic methods and surgical techniques, the risk of death is close to zero. It is known that the risk of breast cancer decreases in women who exercise regularly. It is known that the risk of breast cancer decreases in women who exercise regularly. Nutrition has an important role not only in breast cancer, but also in all types of cancer. It is important to give more place to vegetables and fruits in our lives and to avoid heavy fatty foods. Attention should be paid to the use of alcohol. Regular controls play an important role in the protection of breast health of women.

“Examination should be done once a year”

Kiss. Dr. Saber Sazdar, regarding the procedures to be done in order to diagnose breast cancer early, “These are self-examination of women, examination of women by the doctor in the clinic and having mammography (breast film). Once a month from the age of 20 (within 10 days after the beginning of menstruation) for women. they are recommended to examine themselves. ” used the expressions.

Giving information about these examinations, Sazdar said, “There may be a chance to detect tumors especially close to the skin and nipple early. In addition, it is necessary for the woman to learn and do self-examination in order to be aware of breast cancer and take this disease seriously. A doctor should be visited for a change. Also, every woman from the age of 30 should be examined by a general surgeon once a year. found the assessment.

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