Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Medicine Physiology Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Nazan Uysal Harzadın told Anadolu Agency (AA) that functional medicine focuses on living rules for the prevention or treatment of chronic diseases.

Pointing out that the root causes of some diseases can be eliminated with proper nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management, Harzadın said that they aim to spread functional medicine practices in Turkey under the leadership of a commission formed with the organization of the Ministry of Health.

Harzadın stated that it has been used in many areas from functional medicine to diabetes, from asthma to digestive system problems, and that nutrition plays an important role in this method, and made the following assessment:

“I see the month of Ramadan as an important period in order to increase the immunity of our body and maintain the balance of the body. There is a spiritual and bodily purification. We find ourselves in a calmer and calm period as a soul. From the point of hunger, autophagy, that is, the body recognizes and destroys cells that do not go well. a period. We can see this as a part of detox. We can cleanse the body from toxins and make it work better. “

Recommendations from thistle seeds to dried beans for table

Nazan Uysal Harzadın pointed out that the implementation of certain rules of detox in Ramadan is of great importance in terms of health, and gave the following information:

“We recommend to consume sulfur fruits and cabbage both at iftar and sahur. A single meal of nutrition is not enough for us to get the food that will meet all the needs of the body. We need to consume the sulfur group in 2-3 portions a day. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, mustard, Brussels sprouts can be preferred. We should not neglect group C foods, such as onion, garlic, citrus fruits, bergamot … We can also grate the pesticide-free lemon peel into our salads. We should also pay attention to the consumption of quality protein such as fish, chicken, red meat and eggs. Artichoke consumption every day also supports the liver detox system incredibly. Even if we cannot eat the artichoke, we can drink its water. “

Harzadın stated that he can be used to regenerate the liver and that milk thistle seed reverses fat in the liver, and pointed out that spinach, avocado and okra containing glutathione, which prevent the body from rusting, should be included in Ramadan tables.

Things to avoid

Harzadın, who also made some suggestions in order to spend the fasting period easily, stated that desserts, bakery products and carbonated beverages should be avoided, but instead of strawberries, plums and citrus fruits.

Pointing out that the method and duration of cooking foods are also important in terms of functional nutrition during Ramadan, Harzadın gave the following information:

“Cooking the protein should be evaluated in terms of bioavailability. When we cook eggs, the bioavailability is 90% while raw, the bioavailability decreases to 51%. The white must be cooked completely. The egg yolk containing choline (micronutrient) that supports the working mechanism of the body) should be consumed in apricot consistency. The bioavailability of undercooked meat decreases with age, for example after the age of 50. “

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