Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Zafer Gezginadam explained what can be done against vertigo attacks, which are common among the public.

Stay away from stress

As is the beginning of everything, avoiding stress is very important in vertigo. Take care to create special times and spaces for yourself despite the stress that has a triggering effect and negatively affects our daily life quality.

Boost your immunity

In order to strengthen the immune system and to eat healthy, especially protein-based foods will contribute to being fit and energetic.

Drink plenty of water, reduce caffeine

Drinking plenty of water, consuming fluids that will maintain salt and mineral balance, taking caffeine-containing drinks for a minimum of pleasure and not exaggerating the dose will balance the increase in fluid in the inner ear.

Take advantage of the sun

Benefit from the sun, which is the natural source of vitamin D, as much as possible. In sunny weather, it is appropriate to evaluate this with activities.

Do not act suddenly and quickly

Avoiding sudden and rapid movements is important as it will ensure the continuity of the ear crystals as they should.

Integrate sports into your life

Being selective in sports activities, which are indispensable for our lives, walking with light and rhythmic movements, etc. ensure the continuity of sports.

How is vertigo treated?

85 percent of the patients who present with the complaint of dizziness are detected as inner ear diseases. The history of the disease and the type and form of dizziness are determined after physical examination.

Inner ear diseases can be diagnosed with VNG, VHiT, Audiometry and Caloric tests. MRI and CT may be requested when necessary.

Crystal diseases are treated with maneuvers. Medical treatment and rehabilitation are applied in other inner ear diseases. The patient with central dizziness; It is directed to neurology, cardiology and neurosurgery.

If you have not faced dizziness before, sudden onset and does not improve for a long time, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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