In a world where digital has been flowing so fast recently, it would not be right to associate a very valuable ability such as reading skill only with “education life”. Because this activity covers our whole lives very deeply.

Reading skill affects mental processes such as remembering, thinking, feeling, learning, decision making, language development, and problem solving in a very, very broad sense. It makes a great contribution to important functions such as understanding, storing and recalling information when necessary.

With this skill, our vocabulary expands and our writing power increases. It is also very effective in providing memory development and better concentration.

The increase in diseases such as depression and dysthymia in recent years is moderate. According to the latest data of the World Health Organization, these ailments have increased by 18.4% only in the last year. As an important solution, the advice of academics working in the field of psychology is practices aimed at increasing reading skills. Thanks to this skill, positive imagination and imagination develop positively.

Parents have a great opportunity to set an example for their children with their reading skills and reading habits. So we are their role models. For this reason, we automatically have the chance to improve their reading skills by reading with them.

By applying, showing them, we can colorize our children and our own lives together.

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