Due to the coronavirus epidemic that has been effective all over the world for more than a year, people’s mental health has also been negatively affected. Zonguldak B├╝lent Ecevit University Health Application and Research Center Mental Health and Diseases Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Nuray Atasoy said that coronavirus also causes mental problems in people. Prof. Dr. Atasoy stated that there was also an increase in the number of patients. Prof. Dr. Stating that living under the constant threat of illness may create problems for some people, Atasoy said, “Those who had corona disease, those who lost their relatives, working and living under the constant threat of corona, restricting life, living with a constant fear of getting sick caused people to have difficulties in psychiatric terms in general. Research shows that pandemic. The prevalence of some psychiatric diseases, including depression and anxiety disorders before and after the pandemic, has increased considerably. It was the fear of getting sick again, the fear of not being able to recover, the fear of sticking to the health system. ” said.


Stating that the pandemic process is not only a direct effect of the disease, but also causes social stress, Prof. Dr. Atasoy spoke as follows:

“It is not only the direct effect of the disease, but also the social stress caused by the pandemic process, the lack of education of children, the burden of education on the household burden of women. Job losses have caused serious economic difficulties. We see the effects of this on our patients. Distancing affected negatively. Conscious regressions occurred especially in the elderly. Memory and activity problems occurred. The burden of the pandemic both in our country and in the world goes with serious stress and losses. The process still continues to be difficult. “


Prof. Dr. Atasoy suggested that each person should try to do more activities that interest him in order to cope with the pandemic process. Stating that the correct information about the pandemic should be obtained from reliable news sources, Prof. Dr. Atasoy said, “In stressful times, we recommend to stay away from negative and unreliable news sources as much as possible to combat stress. Because every corona patient is constantly creating an atmosphere like dying. There is no such thing. Corona can be slow up to 3 percent. Especially young people spend standing. The aim here is to prevent the spread of the virus in order to prevent the pandemic. The importance of mask, distance and hygiene should be continued. “Doing activities according to their own interests will help them feel better in this process,” he said.

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