Assoc. Dr. Didem Sezgin Özcan gave information about the use of PRP treatment in Physical Therapy.

Stating that this treatment, which is used in the healing of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, can be cured of many ailments such as shoulder pain, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, joint calcification, ankle sprains, Özcan said:

“Patients with knee calcification are often used by the physician for knee pain, stiffness, swelling, loss of function, limitation of movement, muscle weakness, and gait disturbances, which increase especially with climbing stairs. Stress in daily activities can cause knee pain. The causes are wear and tear on the structures within and around the knee, and pain is triggered by daily activities such as walking, standing and climbing stairs.

Those who engage in sports that include jogging, jumping or spinning are also likely to experience knee pain. The most common causes of knee pain are osteoarthritis (calcification), wear and tears in the meniscus and cruciate ligament, injury and inflammation in the tendons. In addition to mechanical reasons, inflammatory rheumatic diseases can also cause knee pain. If not properly treated, it can cause irreversible damage to the knee joint. “

“Being at ideal body weight is critical for protecting joint structures and improving complaints”

Özcan also gave information about the usage areas of PRP treatment.

Underlining that knee osteoarthritis, popularly known as knee calcification, becomes widespread as the age progresses, Özcan used the following statements:

“The risk of developing arthritis and knee pain increases in cases such as sedentary living conditions, excessive weight, hereditary factors, joint trauma and history of inflammatory rheumatism, excessive and long-term strain on the joints as a professional or habit. It is critical to improve.

Regular exercise should be recommended to patients as part of treatment and prevention. Aerobic exercises such as low-medium intensity walking, stationary cycling, swimming, muscle strengthening exercises, stretching the hamstring muscles or flexibility exercises should be done to prevent knee restriction. “

Expressing that the causes of knee pain are easier to treat in the early stages, Özcan warned that knee pain should be taken into account.

Özcan said, “Do not try to spend it with a pain reliever. Because the damage to the knee increases in the future, the response to the treatments decreases. Surgical treatments are recommended for patients who have severe pain and do not respond to non-surgical methods, and who develop significant limitation in the knee and walking difficulty.” used the expressions.

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