What is Probiotic?

Probiotic bacteria are strong and beneficial friendly bacteria that are resistant to stomach acid, can attach to the intestinal surface and grow there.

There is an elimination method called natural selection in nature. Among animals, natural selection is a test that best adapts to natural conditions and survives the strongest. Natural probiotics are also taken with food, and there is a natural selection among which the strongest ones that can pass through the stomach acid barrier, pancreas and bile acids barrier have a chance to live in the intestinal flora. Supplements containing 2.5 to 100 billion bacteria are available.

Why Should We Use Probiotics?

Yoghurt and cheese type foods are living foods. So when milk is fermented with such bacteria, you make urea and yogurt for a while, then wait, it is not late to rest. However, the additives put into it can create this effect. Thus, when we eat those yogurts, we cannot see as strong probiotic effects as before.

As such, we need to ingest such friendly bacteria from outside as yeast for a healthy and strong intestinal system.

Powdered Probiotics? Capsule Probiotics?

Supplements containing powder (chassis) are the supports in which the strongest reach the intestinal flora through natural selection.
Capsule ones carry all strong and weak bacteria to the intestine without natural selection, which is not a very healthy elimination for nature.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy these powerful and beneficial friendly bacteria from natural sources (pickle, home yoghurt, cheese, vinegar, etc.) or from places that can be produced in a few centers in the world under special conditions and sold with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture.

How Should We Use It?

For a healthy digestive system, you can consume powdered probiotics every night, especially during the first month, but my recommendation is powdered probiotic. Thus, you create a flora from friendly bacteria in the inner structure of the intestines, which is the most important part of the digestive system, and strengthen your digestive system and immune system. After a month, if necessary, you can continue this powder every other day or every 2-3 days.

Does It Have an Effect on Weight Loss?

With a proper nutrition program, probiotics both strengthen our immune system and help our body to restructure, allowing us to tighten our body and get rid of our weight problems. In order for this to happen, we need to eat foods with high nutritional value during the day and be full. These little friendly creatures also protect us from many diseases.

Is it safe?

Because probiotic bacteria are part of the normal digestive system, they are considered safe. But before using probiotics, be sure to consult an expert you trust and remember that these can also have different personal effects.

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