“If your child is rubbing and blinking their eyes frequently, you should follow up. Avoid online classes or close jobs, be careful about burring or crusting on the eyelids or eyelashes, blurred or double vision. As the tear film decreases in children, this can lead to dry eye, vision problems and eye discomfort. It makes you feel.” used the phrases.

Digital eye strain triggers vision problems

Karaman pointed out that children often do not realize that their eyes are tired while using a tablet or phone, and pointed out that parents have a great job. Expressing that many people experience ‘dry eye’ after staring at a computer or phone screen for a long time, Karaman said:

“The reason for the dry eye problem is that we blink less when we use digital devices and we don’t even realize it. Especially in the pandemic, digital eye fatigue, dry eye syndrome, eye muscle fatigue, and the decrease in the number of blinks affect children as well. Decreased tear film in children causes dry eye, vision loss. It causes eye problems and discomfort in the eyes. Too long screen time not only triggers eye dryness but also causes fatigue in the eye muscles. Our eye muscles need to work harder to see closely. During intense use, the eye muscles get tired like other muscles in our body.”

Protect your child’s eyes with the 20-20-20 rule

Karaman recommended that parents apply the 20-20-20 rule in order to cope with their children’s eyestrain and protect their eye health, and to have their children look at something at least 6 meters away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes while looking at the phone, television or tablet.

Pointing out that the 20-20-20 rule relieves the fatigue caused by looking at a close target in the eyes, Karaman said, “You can combine the 20-20-20 rule with normal outdoor play for even better results these days when the pandemic bans are gradually relaxed and our normalization process has begun. “It’s good for their eyes. When kids spend more time outside and less on close objects, they reduce their risk of being nearsighted. For kids, 2 hours of outdoor activity a day is a necessity like eating and drinking water.” used the phrases.

Uncontrolled use of eye drops increased

Karaman stated that it is wrong to buy eye drops and artificial tears with the advice of a friend from the pharmacy without consulting a doctor. warned.

Karaman, who recommends regular eye examination for children from 3 months of age, said, “The best thing you can do as a parent is to go to a pediatric ophthalmologist for examination even if your children do not have eye problems. When they reach school age, you should have an eye checkup at least once a year.” made a statement.

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