Emphasizing the importance of water consumption as well as proper nutrition, Dr. Dietician Gonca Güzel Ünal said, “He should drink plenty of water to open the sinuses. Nasal cleansing with salt water is beneficial. Nasal baths can be performed with products containing scientifically proven surfactants to prevent chronic sinusitis. This will relieve postnasal drip and sinuses, ”he said.


Underlining that sugary diet lowers immunity against Kovid-19 in the studies conducted, Ünal stated that the consumption of sugar and packaged products in children should be avoided. Dr. Dietician Gonca Ünal said, “In order to balance the immune system, nutrition programs containing plenty of vegetables and fruits should be made for children, and their antioxidant and fiber intake should be increased. Fermented products, pickles, kefir and homemade yogurt are very beneficial for intestinal microbiota in children, ”he said.


In the Covid-trial study, Ünal stated that vitamin D is important in protecting against Kovid-19, and children should be given vitamin D supplements and exposed to the sun in abundance, and made the following explanations about other nutritional methods that will keep immunity resistant to the virus:

“Zinc, Vitamin C and Selenium vitamins and minerals that support adequate immunity to protect against Kovid-19 are also important. It is necessary to consume plenty of nuts, fruits and vegetables, protein foods. Lemonade, orange juice, honey mint tea, ginger tea are among the drinks that can be consumed by children. To support stomach acid, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar water can be drunk before eating, and homemade beets and sauerkraut can be used to support stomach acid at meals. In cooking, steaming or boiling methods and less cooking are beneficial for immunity. Using plenty of vegetables, healthy protein and healthy fat, spices and fermented products such as the Mediterranean diet is essential for a good immune system. “

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