Head of the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ordu University. Dr. Özgür Enginyurt told the AA reporter that the upper respiratory tract disease Kovid-19 is directly related to the immune system.

Emphasizing that the mask, social distance and hygiene rule against Kovid-19 should never be forgotten, Enginyurt pointed out that the fourth rule is good nutrition.

Noting that good nutrition is an important factor in the treatment of Kovid-19 and preventing this disease, Enginyurt called for everyone to be fed properly during the epidemic process.

Pointing out that the body needs to get as much protein as the body needs for proper nutrition, Enginyurt said, “For this, we need to take 350-400 grams of protein that the body needs daily. We can get these proteins from products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, as well as red and white meat. The most important food. And the building block of the cell is protein. In this process, we can increase the required amount of protein a little more. A healthy person should pay attention to the regular consumption of milk. Milk will also meet the vitamin D needs. Each individual should consume two glasses of milk daily. used the expression.
Stating that in order not to catch Kovid-19, zinc and vitamin C should be consumed in addition to vitamin D, Enginyurt stated that it is also important to take some foods as supplements from outside.

“Our citizens should stay away from smoking and alcohol use”

Enginyurt stated that those with chronic diseases should pay attention to their nutrition under the control of a physician or dietician, “Because the diet is personal. The diet needs to be specially prepared according to age, gender, weight, height and chronic diseases. Our chronic patients can only immunize their bodies against epidemics in this way. ” said.
Referring to the negative effects of smoking and alcohol use, Enginyurt said, “It is very dangerous to use them in Kovid-19. Citizens should stay away from smoking and alcohol use. Let them spend this process with proper nutrition.” he spoke.
Enginyurt emphasized that people over the age of 60 may have some diseases such as blood pressure, liver and kidney failure, and those with such diseases should pay more attention to proper nutrition.

Enginyurt, who asked citizens to take these warnings into consideration, said, “Proper nutrition is as important as mask, distance and hygiene in Kovid-19. When we eat right, we will not get Kovid-19. If we are caught, it is possible to survive Kovid-19 as a standing infection.” said.
Reminding that the month of Ramadan is approaching, Enginyurt suggested fasting especially for those with chronic diseases under the supervision of a physician.

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