Prominent ear is one of the most common deformities in the world and in our country. This situation challenges individuals from an early age and can lead to many psychological problems, especially lack of self-confidence. Early intervention is very critical in prominent ear problem, where the operation is very simple and affects the future of the individual.

According to the sociological researches conducted on the subject, children who are mocked by themselves due to prominent ear problems in their childhood and especially in primary school years experience psychological problems such as dropping out of school, failure in their lessons, self-esteem and depression. These situations also affect the success of the children in the following years “

Can Prominent Ear Aesthetics Be Performed In Adults?

Prominent ear problem is a condition that must be treated. Prominent ear surgery is a very practical and safe operation for people who are not satisfied with their ear structure and deformities. Experts state that the ideal age is 5 years for this operation, which is also performed on adults.

After this operation, which will be beneficial to dissolve at an early age, the person regains the confidence he lost in social life as a result of his ears reaching the desired shape.

The person can easily get rid of the shape problems that occur in his ears in a short time and permanently, regain his old appearance or achieve the desired ear structure by discussing his social and psychological problems with the plastic surgeon.

Prominent Ear Causes

Prominent ear problems that occur congenitally can also occur based on genetic factors. If the mother and father have deformities in the ears, the probability of prominent ears is higher in children.

At the beginning of the problems that cause prominent ears; the bone between the auricle is wide, the ear cartilages have a loose structure, the auricle is straight.

The deformity that occurs in the ear as a result of these problems is defined as prominent ear and is also called sail ear among the people.

In some countries, having prominent ears creates a situation like looking cute, in our country it is a strange situation. For this reason, regardless of the reason, people want to get rid of their ears from being prominent with the help of a simple operation.

From childhood, especially in school age, prominent ear teasing causes a person to experience psychological traumas. A solution can be found with a simple operation to get rid of the prominent ear structure.

For this reason, the problem of prominent ear can be solved without the need for an operation if it is intervened when it is first noticed without delay.

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