It was stated that the effects of the coronavirus, which affected the world, differ according to age groups. Head of CU Faculty of Medicine Department of Child Health and Diseases and Board Member of Turkish Neonatology Association Prof. Dr. Nejat Narlı stated that the most fortunate group in this regard is the newborns, and stated that precautions should be taken by taking an approach such as that every pregnant woman may be a carrier, and that every baby may be infected with the virus. Reminding that 1 year has passed since the epidemic, Prof. Dr. Nejat Pomegranate, both in the international efforts in this process in Turkey and said their hospitals if they follow encountered serious problems in newborns.


Noting that pregnant women caught in coronavirus carry some risks, however, Prof. Dr. Narlı said, “Pregnant women with coronavirus have a higher risk of premature birth. It may also result in growth retardation in the baby in the womb. When the babies of pregnant women with coronavirus are born, symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory distress are seen. It is less compared to age groups. We have lost only one of the newborn babies we have followed up to now. This baby was lost not only because of coronavirus but also because of a metabolic disease on the ground. When we follow up babies born to mothers with coronavirus, we mostly discharge them without the need for treatment. “It is not yet known how the newborns will be affected in the future, as there are problems such as clotting and heart damage,” he said.


Stating that pregnant women are given routine tests throughout the process, Prof. Dr. Narlı said:

“If the pregnant woman has a contact, an approach is taken accordingly and those who attend the birth take protective measures accordingly. When the baby is born, there is a suspected coronavirus, protective measures continue again and these babies are isolated by taking them into a closed incubator in the intensive care unit, not in an open bed. If there is a finding, the necessary supportive treatments are made for the virus. If there is a finding, the necessary supportive treatments are made for the virus. It should also be paid attention during. “


Stating that special ambulances and equipment should be activated during the transportation process of babies who need respiratory support, Prof. Dr. Nejat Narlı said, “These babies should be transported with a closed special transport incubator. Even while being transported, the head should be covered so that the spread is prevented. For example, if respiratory support is to be done, all of them, including the breathing tube placed in the baby’s airway, should be special. “The newborns will be transported by private ambulances. There are studies carried out by the Ministry of Health and the Turkish Neonatology Association. The trainings of the transporting team are also continuing. In that training, we also talk about the importance of carrying babies with Covid.”

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