In the Microblading application, which is known as a method to obtain natural eyebrows with ideal thickness, thickness and length for eyebrows that become thinner and lose form over time, he warned the experts about the price and the materials used. Fashion designer and beauty center operator Mehmet Sait Dalmış stated that different prices were requested in the ‘Microblading’ technique and that the materials used during the application should be paid attention to.

Stating that choosing the right method and technique will contribute positively to the success of Microblading application, Dalmış said, “In this method, which is applied at different prices between 300 and 2 thousand TL, the procedures are almost the same. The perception that an application is made expensive is also wrong. Eyebrows are always beautiful. We can express that eyebrows have different appearance features due to genetic and environmental factors.

It is known that until recently, the number of techniques and methods applied for eyebrows was low. However, it is known that permanent make-up applications have shown excellent results on the eyebrows. In this context, Microblading is among the most preferred permanent make-up applications. We know that Microblading technique, which is among the ideal permanent make-up applications in today’s conditions, is applied at different prices. It is known that reasonable fees such as 300 TL are also charged for this application, where large amounts such as 2 thousand TL are sometimes taken. In order to provide morale and motivation to people during the pandemic period, it makes Microblading application at an affordable price range. The perception that expensive wages are always good quality is wrong. During this application, attention should be paid to the quality of the material used. Again, choosing the right method and technique will contribute positively to the success of the Microblading application. As Dalmış Beauty, we always adopt an affordable price policy during the Covid-19 pandemic, “he said.

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