Drinking at least 2.5 – 3 liters of water during and after the festival to replace the loss of fluid that may occur in the body due to long periods of hunger during Ramadan and the decrease in water and fluid consumption during the month of Ramadan, ayran, freshly squeezed fruit juice for meals to increase fluid consumption, Adding liquid foods such as low sugar lemonade and low sugar compote will speed up your metabolism, which has slowed down during Ramadan.

Especially during religious holidays, in order to keep the digestive system working regularly and to prevent constipation, vegetables, fruits and legumes with high fiber (fiber) content should be consumed, and should be fed by paying attention to at least 3 main and 2 snacks, and the persistent attitude of the environment and the tendency to overeat should be avoided as much as possible.

With Turkish delight, candy, chocolate, sweets, pastries and wraps, which are traditional treats of feast visits, extra sugar and calories are loaded on the body. This means weight gain.

If you are hosting guests during the feast, you can make milky desserts instead of sherbet desserts, considering the health of your guests, and you can prefer to eat milk desserts instead of pastry and sherbet desserts at the places you go. When you are fed in this way, you will prevent the possibility of stomach and intestinal ailments during the Ramadan feast.

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