Akdeniz University Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ünal told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the use of contact lenses alone is a risk factor for infections.

Noting that the lenses placed in the solution should be removed in the evening after being put on under hygienic conditions and left in the new solution, Ünal stated that everyone who wears lenses should follow such hygiene rules.

Despite this, Ünal emphasized that they encounter the risk of infection in the eyes especially after entering the sea, pool and bathroom with lenses, especially in summer, and said, “If patients enter the pool or sea while their lenses are in their eyes, it can cause infection and cause eye loss. It is an important risk factor for resistant infections that cannot respond to treatment.” said.

Unal stated that some types of infections and fungi found even in the sea, pool or bath water cause more harm to contact lens wearers.

Infection can occur from water entering the eye.

Emphasizing that it is necessary to pay more attention to hygiene when there are contact lenses in the eye, Ünal said:

“Infection can occur from the water entering our eyes, even while taking a bath or even washing our face. Unless people pay attention to hygiene, it can lead to blindness. There are some types of infections and fungi. Even if we diagnose them and start appropriate treatment, the microbe becomes resistant to treatment, so much that the patient loses sight completely we may face a serious result. It is risky to enter the sea, pool and bathroom even once while wearing a lens in their eye. Some of our patients said, ‘Hodja, I went into the sea many times like this, but nothing happened.’ But just because it didn’t happen before doesn’t mean it won’t happen later.”

Unal noted that the germ incident on the lenses is seen in all seasons, but they encounter such cases mostly in the summer season when swimming in the sea and pool.

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