Preferred by families for children to have fun and develop their creativity, play dough invites many diseases due to the chemicals it contains. According to the claim of a social media user, it was stated that his child, who played with the play dough bought from the chain store, got paint on his hand and did not leave for days. Similar complaints were made from many families. After the situation in which many people reacted on social media, experts also warned against the dough.


Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Rheumatology, Assoc. Dr. Kenan Barut warned that the play dough contains various chemicals and families should not buy products that do not have a ‘CE’ certificate. Assoc. Dr. Barut said, “There are products in the market that are not made under suitable conditions and we do not know what is inside. It used to be more, but it started to decrease gradually. Families should not buy any products that do not have CE certificate. This is our golden rule. There are various chemicals in it. The main damages are that it dye the skin, create odor, irritate, and cause allergies. These are the damages we see in the short term. We do not know what they do in the long term. Maybe they are carcinogenic. The dyestuffs in it contain various chemicals ” said.


“In some children, this situation reaches a very serious level, it shows signs, in some children there are not many findings, they are allergic, they are thought to pass, but they do not. In this respect, it should be very careful” Assoc. Dr. Barut said, “It is something as important as food. No matter how healthy and quality our food has to be, the toys, clothes, play dough we buy for our children must be of good quality. In addition to the visible effects, there are long-term effects. Asthma and various neurological problems can be caused by chemicals.” used the expressions.


Chemical Engineer Serkan Küçük also underlined that the chemicals in play dough producers should be included in the label and children should not play with it for a long time, saying, “Play dough is a type of toy that is classified as chemical toy. Therefore, chemical toys should not pose any risk to health during their use. The companies will indicate the issue either on their labels, on their packaging or in their instructions. How to use them, what to do if they pose a health risk. How it will be stored and how long it will be used must be specified in the instructions for use. As with many substances, chemicals are used in play dough. Here, besides the harmfulness of the chemical alone in terms of health, the dosage to be used has been determined. The zones should not be exceeded. There are paints used to color them and wax-based, other-based oils for shaping. Therefore, what we call play dough is a composition that consists entirely of chemical substances, “he said.

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