Assoc. Dr. Sena Tolu made important warnings by pointing out that the wrong pillow choice was under the neck pain that did not go away. Assoc. Dr. Tolu stated that half of the society suffer from neck pain and said, “The neck is the most mobile part of the spine that supports our head, keeps it in a balanced position and allows it to move comfortably in many directions. Neck pain is a very common health problem that occurs in half of the population at least once in their lifetime. The incidence of neck pain increases with advancing age. “It is more common in women and causes more disability than men,” he said.


Pointing out that there may be many factors under the neck pain, Assoc. Dr. Tolu said, “Genetic predisposition, sedentary life, occupational activities requiring staying in a fixed position, intensive computer, internet and television use, long-distance motor vehicle driving, heavy physical working conditions, using vibrating tools for work, repetitive movements and weight lifting are the most common causes of neck pain. are the reasons seen. Tensions in daily life and work stress also increase neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by different tissues that make up the neck and different problems of these tissues. Although the majority of neck pains are mild and transient, approximately 15% of them can turn into chronic neck pain and cause pain, numbness, loss of strength and sensation in the arms. In the treatment of neck pain, it is mostly sufficient to inform patients about correct posture, sitting, lying positions and pillow selection together with drug therapy, physical therapy applications and exercise ”.


Assoc. Dr. Tolu pointed out that neck pain increased due to the wrong pillow selection and gave the following information:

“One third of human life is spent in sleep. Choosing the right pillow is very important for quality sleep and waking up rested. Waking up with neck pain in the morning may be due to improper or decreased support of the neck during sleep. While sleeping, the pillow helps the head and neck to be relaxed by reducing the load on the neck and back muscles by fully supporting it. Supporting the neck during sleep is an important factor in relieving neck pain. Pain and muscle tension in the neck cause the person to have difficulty in finding a suitable sleeping position, thus impairing sleep quality and causing tension headaches. “


Assoc. Dr. Tolu said, “The specific curve of the vertebrae in the neck region is called lordosis. If the person is lying on his side or on his back, the head and neck curve should be supported so that the neck is not on a straight line and the head is not high. Especially when lying face down, excessive rise of the head and neck towards the back increases the possibility of neck problems. In addition, as the height of the pillow increases, the load on the neck, back and waist increases. The pillow should be chosen individually. Thickness is very important in choosing the right pillow. In low or high pillows, the head will fall too low or stay high, causing the neck muscles to stretch, which will cause pain. Although it varies according to the shoulder width and neck length of the person, it is recommended to sleep on a pillow of at least 10-13 cm thickness. The appropriate thickness should be provided with a single pillow. “Pillow width should be suitable for shoulder width.”


Stating that the pillow material should also be taken into consideration, Assoc. Dr. Tolu continued his recommendations as follows:

“Cotton and wool pillows are very useful, but they can increase spasm in the neck muscles, especially in hot weather, as they can cause sweating. Lying without a pillow or too soft or hard pillows will not provide adequate neck support, which can lead to neck problems. Orthopedic pillows support the neck fold, but care should be taken that these pillows are not too high, too low, or too soft to sink into the head. C-shaped pillows for pregnant women increase sleep quality by supporting the baby. Patients with hip and low back pain can sleep by taking a pillow between their legs and pulling the upper leg slightly to their stomach. As a result, if you have neck pain, it will be appropriate to sleep with a single pillow that supports your head and neck, especially in the position of lying on your back or side. However, if your neck pain persists despite choosing the right pillow, you should definitely consult a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. “

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