Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University (BEÜ) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor. Dr. In his statement, Selda Sarıkaya said that Kovid-19, which affects the whole body, causes the existing diseases in the musculoskeletal system to worsen and some new complaints.

Pointing out that the most important problem is the immobility of patients due to both diseases and joint problems, Sarıkaya said, “This situation causes weakness in their muscles. Weakness increases as the duration increases. For example, as a result of a week of rest, even a healthy individual is 20 percent. We know there is a loss of muscle strength. This becomes more pronounced in sick individuals. ” he spoke.
Sarıkaya explained that they also helped patients in the process of combating Kovid-19, and continued as follows:

“We apply many different treatments. If there is respiratory distress, we do some treatments for respiratory symptoms and shortness of breath. In our unit, we make patients exercise. Apart from that, we do physical therapy applications for pain. We take both hot therapy, electric current-based treatments and exercise programs. We draw programs according to their age, gender and current situation to strengthen them. Sometimes we are inpatient and sometimes in outpatient treatment. “

Kovid-19 light pass of the transfer that the house should not exercise in mild or moderate staying for a period of quarantine Sarikaya, patients in Turkey Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association of exercises they can access the website, he said he would do in their location before going to the hospital.

“It is our goal for people to continue their healthy life as before”

Emphasizing the importance of those who have had Kovid-19 starting physical therapy after the illness, Sarıkaya said, “We see a dramatic difference between the individuals who received and did not come to the treatment. This difference can become more pronounced at the mild, moderate and advanced level. increasing capacity. ” used the expressions.

Stating that the regression of the patients’ complaints is very important and meaningful for them, Sarıkaya said, “Kovid-19 is still a disease that is unknown. It is our goal for people to continue their lives in a healthy way as before. In order to ensure this, they know how much they have lost their old health and physical capacity. Therefore, it would be beneficial for them to apply to an appropriate physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic. Especially if they cannot do the exercises, movements and daily tasks that they used to do very easily, it is necessary to know that successful results can be obtained with treatment without much more permanent effects. ” found the assessment.

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