Experts warn that sedentary life invites various health problems, saying that even lying down and resting is dangerous. Lecturer See. Physiotherapist Gülşah Konakoğlu stated that many people move less especially during the pandemic process, and gave information about the diseases that can be caused by sedentary life and the correct forms of rest.


Stating that it is necessary to balance rest and movement during the complete closure process, Konakoğlu said, “We started to spend time in our homes with complete closure. During this period, we need to pay attention to a number of issues in order to maintain and maintain our physical fitness. First of all, we need to balance the rest and activity. During the day, we should balance the periods of lying, standing and sitting. Because the muscles in our body have a certain working capacity and when we do not use these muscles, the strength of the muscles decreases. If we stay in a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, we will get tired more quickly when we want to use the muscles in our body after a while, when we want to do a certain job in a certain position. In such situations, we do not want to move, we want to lie down and not lift ourselves. We do not understand the reason for this very much. In fact, this is a situation related to the decrease in our muscular endurance capacity due to total inactivity, ”he said.


Stating that it is necessary to strengthen the muscles by moving, Konakoğlu said, “Especially when we spend time at home, we take our computer in our lap in front of the television and when we are buried in soft sofas, we invite spine problems that completely harm our waist and neck health. Therefore, when we do not use our muscles for a long time and our muscle strength decreases, and when we do not stand and put weight on our bones for a long time, when we sit or lie down, the bone destruction process accelerates. Especially in older ages, we observe this a lot. The decrease in muscular endurance also causes a decrease in cardiovascular endurance at the end of the day. Because the heart also works with muscle. “The endurance of our heart muscle is also decreasing,” he said.

Konakoğlu made the following recommendations regarding the movements to be made during the day:

“We must do our activities in a balanced way during the day in order to prevent health problems and the decrease in the endurance of the body. At least 30 minutes of walking can be done. We must keep sports at the center of our lives. Stretching and strengthening exercises will be useful as much as possible at home. Especially the muscles in the front of the body shorten, the back leg muscles shorten. These can be stretched. Exercises done with body weight will also protect physical capacity. “

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