When the endometrium tissue lining the inner wall of the uterus is anywhere outside the uterus, it thickens and bleeds as if it were in the uterus due to the estrogen and progesterone hormones secreted by the body. Since it cannot be eliminated from the body, it accumulates where the endometriosis tissue is.

The most appropriate treatment for patients with chocolate cysts that negatively affect their daily life is surgery. Today, more successful results are obtained thanks to laparoscopic surgery (closed surgery) for chocolate cyst.

It will be easier to reach areas that are difficult to reach with open surgery with laparoscopy equipment. Among the biggest advantages of choosing closed surgeries in chocolate cyst are that there is no intestinal obstruction since the abdomen is not opened, but it is more advantageous for the patient as there is faster recovery, less pain, and quicker recovery from standing up and returning to daily life. Since there is no opening in the abdomen, there will be no adhesions, and since a very large incision is not made, a hernia does not develop depending on the incision site.

Chocolate cysts are not only seen in the reproductive organs. It can also be seen in the intestines and kidneys. For chocolate cysts in the intestines, it should be done by a general surgeon who is an expert in colorectal surgery and a urologist with laparoscopic surgery experience if there is a chocolate cyst in the bladder or kidneys. Therefore, more successful results are obtained with surgeries in which more than one specialist doctor with laparoscopic surgery experience is present for chocolate cyst surgeries.

Chocolate cyst is one of the causes of female infertility. Care should be taken not to damage the ovaries, especially in chocolate cyst surgeries. Pregnancy can be considered 6 months after a successful operation.

Since this disease may recur after surgery, continuous follow-up is required.

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