Orthodontics is the discipline that includes the treatment of the crowding of the teeth behind the jaw. Crowded teeth do not only cause an unwanted aesthetic appearance; At the same time, no matter how well they are cared for, how well they are brushed, they may cause tooth loss, decays and gum disorders in the future as they cannot be cleaned completely.
Orthodontic treatments are necessary for future problems.

They can also cause joint and stomach ailments due to insufficient chewing function. For this reason, orthodontic treatments are necessary not only because of aesthetic concerns, but also to ensure oral hygiene and to prevent future discomfort. For this reason, children should be examined by an orthodontist starting from the mixed dentition period (6-7 years). Early diagnosis can shorten the treatment process.

Many patients can be treated comfortably.
Physician-patient relationship is very important, as orthodontic treatments can be completed over a long period of time. Orthodontic treatment has been preferred not only for children and adolescents but also by adults in recent years. Since many patients think that orthodontic treatment will affect their social life, more aesthetic solutions have been developed in orthodontics in recent years. Now, thanks to alternative orthodontic treatments, many patients can easily continue their treatment. Invisalign system is one of these aesthetic solutions.

Almost invisible transparent straighteners called ‘aligners’ are used in series that can be removed when desired. These straighteners are produced specifically for the patient and, since they are produced in series, they are replaced with the next straightener every 2 weeks. Every time the straightener is changed, the teeth move slowly and the desired appearance is achieved at the end of the treatment. The treatment period takes about 1 and 1.5 years. The duration of treatment can vary from person to person.

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