Mehmet Sait Dalmış, the fashion designer and beauty center operator regarding the laser epilation application, which has increased the interest in recent years, gave a warning while making suggestions. Explaining that laser epilation will have more advantages when done correctly, Dalmış said, “Laser epilation is an epilation method popular with women in recent years. It is necessary to be very careful before and after the application. Laser epilation is very safe depending on the use of correct and certified machines. Some of its advantages are the right technique and “A safe method with the right machines is faster application than other methods, no allergic side effects and less pain for the applied person.”

Saying that any side effects of laser epilation could not be determined exactly, Mehmet Sait Dalmış recommended that it should not be done on tanned skin. Dalmış, “It should be done after the skin starts to open. If the work is not done in accordance with the expert and technique, negative situations may be encountered. It should not be done in various discomfort periods such as skin infections. It should not be forgotten that laser epilation applications cannot get results in a single session compared to other methods. “If not, the application will be so successful. Before starting this practice, some preparations should not be neglected.

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