Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Dr. Instructor Member Cengiz Uzun, the respiratory-borne coronavirus; He noted that outdoors, even in windy weather, there is a lower probability of contamination compared to indoor environments.

Uzun stated that until the number of cases decreased sufficiently, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the mask, distance and hygiene rules, even in the open air, and made the following assessments:

“Disposable surgical masks should be changed at regular intervals as they get wet, they should never be reused after they are removed, and the mask should not be touched. Considering that the virus can be everywhere, it is not possible to touch the face area of ​​the hands, eyes, nose and mouth, especially in outdoor environments, and regular hand washing is possible. If not, it is important to provide hand hygiene with antiseptics.

Vaccination procedures continue intensively in our country for now. There are two different vaccine options administered by the Ministry of Health, and although they differ from each other in various aspects, we know that both are highly effective in protecting against the virus and preventing the aggravation of the disease at a level that will create the need for intensive care in case of catching the disease. For this reason, citizens who have their turn should make their appointments and get their vaccinations done without wasting time.”

“Stay away from crowded, closed and stuffy environments as much as possible”

Dr. Instructor Member Cengiz Uzun stated that the citizens who have had their vaccinations should not be complacent and noted that the mask, distance and hygiene rules should be continued in the same way after the vaccination, since the possibility of catching the disease and transmitting the virus to the people in contact with it still continues.

Uzun said, “In hot weather with breathing and sweating, the mask is not only uncomfortable, but also loses its effect in a short time because it gets moist quickly and therefore needs to be changed constantly. In addition to these, we recommend that you stay away from crowded, closed and stuffy environments as much as possible during the summer months. You can significantly reduce your chances of encountering the virus by planning your holiday and entertainment plans mostly in the form of outdoor activities.Although areas such as picnic and camping areas, beaches are open air, they are among the regions where human density can occur, especially in summer. It is necessary to pay attention to social distance and / or the use of masks. used the phrases.

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