Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Esma Türkmen said, “We had serious problems with the coronavirus this year, but we have a plus. As physicians, we were concerned about the increase of swine flu and many other viral diseases during the coronavirus period. “The spread of other infections was prevented during the coronavirus process, as a mask was worn and social distance rules were followed,” he said.


Stating that there are stages of the immune system, Dr. Esma Türkmen said, “A child is a growing and developing organism. In this respect, there are stages of the immune system. Postpartum breast milk is very important in the development of the immune process. Because the antibodies in the mother pass to the baby, it protects the baby from many infections in the first 6 months. That’s why breast milk is worth gold for a strong immunity ”.


Emphasizing that what is important for us before supplementary vitamins is nutrition and sleep patterns, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Esma Türkmen said, “Sleep is very important for school-age children. Families should be careful that the child sleeps at the right time and does not sleep late. Again, children should not consume junk food for their nourishment, ”he said.

Saying that children’s eating habits are a reflection of families, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Esma Türkmen said, “Multivitamins can be additional support for children with low immune systems. At the same time, zinc is very important for the immune systems of children in this process. Again, probiotics should be used to strengthen immunity. If children are not given a good hygiene habit, the risk of infection increases very easily. Children touching the same pen and breathing the same air increase the risk of infection. The use of masks became very important during the pandemic period. The mask prevented many infections. “My suggestion is to use a mask not only during the coronavirus process, but also in winter from now on.”


Stating that snacks are very important for children, Dr. Esma Türkmen continued her words as follows:

“It is necessary to prevent the use of common items for children. Again, it is necessary to know that hand washing is very important in order to prevent children from getting sick in the winter period. The schoolboy can be sick at least 4 and at most 11 times a year. Do not worry the family. In order for children to strengthen their immunity, they also have to meet some kind of infection. At the same time, breakfast is a very important factor for a school-age child. Because the brain needs glucose in the first place. At the same time, instead of consuming ready-made foods, yogurt or fruit yogurt should be consumed. Junk food should be avoided whenever possible. “

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