The common opinion of many experts against the increasing obesity problems today; that this problem stems from the way of eating in infancy… Underlining that weight gain should be controlled especially during infancy, Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez also emphasizes that the nutritional routine adopted in this period plays a role in the health problems that may occur in later ages. Cekmez states that obesity in babies is caused by genetic disorders as well as products with high calories.

It is known that during the transition period of 6 and 36 months babies to additional food, feeding them with foods with high vitamin and mineral value by protecting the digestive system, and developing their coarse motor skills at the same time minimizes the risk of obesity.

Nutritional routines should be handled more carefully from the 6th month.

Talking about the obesity problem in infants, Pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Prof.Dr.Ferhat Çekmez stated that the growth rate of babies slows down after the 6th month, and therefore, their feeding routines should be handled more carefully by their parents. Cekmez stated that it is important to consume vegetables and fruits suitable for the season in the transition period of babies to solid foods from the 6th month, and underlined that support can be obtained from cereal spoon foods.

Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez mentioned that multigrain spoon foods blended with various fruits are also rich in fiber and pointed out that these foods play a critical role in the period of getting used to solid foods.

Grain scoops play a critical role in infant nutrition

Pointing out that spoon foods with cereals play a major role in meeting their daily needs, Çekmez recommends that multigrain foods developed with seasonal fruits be included in the nutrition program of babies. He stated that especially babies’ movements for the development of motor skills also support slow weight gain in a healthy way.

Sleep pattern is important for weight control

Drawing attention to the importance of weight control in babies’ sleep patterns, Çekmez said that cereal spoon foods should be included in their feeding routines so that babies can have a comfortable sleep. Cekmez also emphasized that the nutritious and satisfying multigrain spoon foods help babies relax and have a comfortable sleep before going to sleep.

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