Staying at home for a long time with the pandemic brought inactivity. Stating that being inactive for a long time can also cause discomfort such as muscle loss, weakness in bones, joint pain, arthritis and fatigue, exercise expert CPT Uğur Kara suggested that the person should do sports with special exercise programs prepared according to weight, height and muscle structure.

Stating that the programs should be personalized so that the sport to be done does not pose a risk, Kara said, “We apply a special exercise program. My clients need to follow this program without delay. “We do not have any problems because we are running the process together,” he said.


Pointing out that unconscious exercises carry the risk of injury, Kara said, “In this period when it becomes extremely easy to access information, it is observed that sports injuries arising from wrong exercise planning are increasing.

In fact, injured individuals may have to undergo physical therapy. In order to prevent sports injuries, we recommend that the person choose the plans prepared specially for him under the supervision of an expert ”.

Kara, who also provides consultancy on healthy weight loss with a distance education program; “My clients say that I am good for them psychologically. I can empathize with them because I have a sports background. This makes them very happy.” He used his expressions.

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