Prof. Dr. Haci Ahmet Alım pointed out that caffeine consumption should be reduced gradually before fasting in order to prevent headaches and migraines caused by fasting.

The buyer made the following recommendations to make Ramadan free from migraine:

“Especially those who consume caffeinated foods and beverages very often may have withdrawal syndrome with not consuming food and drink for longer than 16 hours. This may trigger headache and migraine. In order not to experience withdrawal syndrome, reduce the daily amount before fasting and keep a constant blood level. They should take this amount from evening to sahur. “

Stating that the right food and beverage choices of migraine patients in the period between iftar and sahur during Ramadan will prevent pain, Buyer said, “In addition to migraine botox, radiofrequency treatments also offer effective solutions to chronic migraine patients.” used the expression.
Women are at 43 percent risk

Stating that approximately 15 percent of the world population suffers from migraine, Buyer said, “The lifetime risk is 43 percent for women and 18 percent for men. The rate of chronic migraine in the society is 1.4 to 2.2 percent. Stress in migraine, mental tension. , insomnia, hunger, fatigue and noise are the most common triggering factors. Hypoglycemia and caffeine withdrawal are among the causes of migraine. ” used the expression.

Botox and radiofrequency block pain

The recipient stated that Botulinum Toxin A ‘can be applied to patients with chronic migraine and said, “It can protect from migraine attacks during fasting. People with migraine can use a nerve block called occipital block to prevent migraine attack while fasting. If necessary, radiofrequency can be applied to this nerve. During iftar, plenty of fluids should be consumed and not sleep deprived. At least 2 liters of liquid should be consumed between iftar sahur. ” said.

Stating that he can be protected from headache by consuming foods with low glycemic index, he pointed out that foods that will trigger migraine should be avoided and it would be beneficial to consume protein and fiber foods in a balanced diet iftar and sahur.

“A short preventative treatment can be started with a long half-life NSAID. Fasting headache can be successfully prevented with long-acting drugs such as naproxen and etoricoxib. If fasting headache shows throbbing migraine-like properties or a migraine history If it occurs in the person, a short preventive treatment can be done with pain relievers called frovatriptan or naratriptan, as recommended for menstrual migraine. ” found the assessment.

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