Among the public, all psychiatric drugs are called antidepressants. Antidepressant drugs were first used as drugs used in the treatment of depression. These drugs are used in many psychiatric disorders today. It is recommended by psychiatrists to patients in many psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, obsession, panic disorder, social phobia, sleep problems, and so on. In fact, these drugs are not much different from blood pressure medications and diabetes medications.

The most important information about these drugs is that they should not be used with a friend recommendation. Some people think they get better by drinking one occasionally. This is completely wrong.

Antidepressant drugs are widely used. This is similar in many countries today. Antidepressant drugs can cause side effects like other drugs. In case of side effects, people should seek help from the physician who prescribed their medication. Collaboration is the most important part of psychiatric treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the physician when there is a problem.

People who use antidepressant medication read the drug package insert, perhaps because they are a little more sensitive than others. They can see the many possible side effects here and stop using them. Those who experience such anxiety should definitely meet with their physicians to be informed about this issue. Not taking medication out of this fear can negatively affect a person’s health.

The most common possible side effects of antidepressant drugs; weight gain, loss of appetite, nausea, drowsiness, drowsiness, lack of sexual desire, constipation and diarrhea. In addition, if there has been an extreme mood of joy, talk to your doctor again. In such cases, medication can be changed by applying to the physician.

Realistic warnings about antidepressants …

1. Antiddpressant drugs should only be used when prescribed by the physician.
2. Antidepressants do not act on the first use, most of the time, the effect starts after 2-3 weeks at the earliest.
3. Antidepressants often have to be used in treatments for at least six months.
4. After starting the medication, psychiatric control should be performed at certain intervals.
5. It is necessary to act in consultation with the psychiatrist when starting or stopping the medication.
6. When used with other drugs, the physician should be asked beforehand.
7. In cases of insomnia, it will not work to use antidepressants with the suggestions of our relatives.
8. Most antidepressants are taken in the morning on a full stomach.
9. Not all antidepressants are good for every psychiatric problem.
10. A very small proportion of antidepressant drugs have a risk of addiction. Addictive psychiatric drugs can only be sold with a special green prescription.
11. Very few antidepressant drugs make you sleepy.
12. Antidepressant drugs are not “highs.”
13. Antidepressant drugs are used all over the world for those with a psychiatric health problem.
14. Antidepressant drugs do not change people’s personalities.
15. Antidepressant drugs do not robotize people. You may not realize that many people are using antidepressants.
16. People using antidepressants are not dangerous.
17. Antidepressant drugs are therapeutic drugs. They are not drugs that avoid problems.
18. Antidepressant drugs are not placebos. So they’re not useless drugs.

I wish you healthy days both physically and mentally.

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