Melasma is one of the most common causes of blemishes in the face area in women. Almost all patients have a history of pregnancy or use of birth control pills. Sun and hormonal changes are trigger factors for melasma.

Melasma may regress or become chronic after birth or use of birth control pills. If it becomes chronic, it may cause great social anxiety, especially in the spring and summer seasons.
Many methods such as chemical peeling, laser treatments, enzymatic peeling, mesotherapy can be used in spot treatment.

The important thing is to examine the skin layer where the stain is located by the dermatologist and decide on the most appropriate treatment and treatments for the patient’s condition.

Among chemical peelings, we prefer especially glycolic acid for stain treatment. It can be applied alone or in combination. At least 4 sessions should be applied. The application takes about 20 minutes and is comfortable. There is no significant peeling or redness after the procedure.

Advantages of Spot Treatment

• In addition to peeling off pigments, it also controls the rate of new pigment synthesized from cells.
• It is also a serious anti-aging treatment.
• The patient comes to the clinic only twice during the treatment process. It is advantageous in terms of time.
• Treatment success rate alone is higher than other treatments.
• The possibility of recurrence of the stain is lower than other treatment methods.

Stain mesotherapy is the process of injecting mixtures containing vitamins and substances with stain removal properties into the skin. 4-8 sessions should be done once a week on average.

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