This situation can continue for many years when the child is not accustomed to his / her own room or when the parents do not react to this when they come to each parent’s room. Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Üney gave information on the subject.

The 8 precautions and suggestions that should be taken for the child not to sleep with the family are as follows:

1. Babies must be kept in a separate bed after birth.

2. If the child does not have a serious health problem, he should be transferred to his own bedroom at the latest in the 6th month.

3. The door of the room where sexuality is experienced, for example the bedroom, should be the key and should be kept closed during sexuality.

4th Child; After being put to sleep in their own room, the couple should definitely sleep in the same bed.

5. The crying child who wakes up at night should not be taken to bed, it should be calmed and put to sleep in his own bed.

6. Couples must always sleep in the same bed.

7. Men or women should not give all their attention to the child, they should continue to show interest in each other as a couple.

8. Arguments over childcare can also affect sexuality.

Every parent loves their children and babies, but it should be known that they should also have boundaries. Many mothers or fathers are unable to move their children out of their beds because of their own anxiety. This suspension is in favor of not only the parents but also the child.

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