Sebaceous glands are benign masses consisting of adipose tissue in any part of the body, including the eyelids and under the eyes. These oil glands usually do not cause any serious health problems.

Although the exact cause of the formation of oil glands in the body is not known, there are factors that affect them; such as high cholesterol, hair follicle inflammation, genetic transmission, metabolic diseases, malnutrition, fatty foods, sitting still during the day…

The reason for the sebaceous glands in and around the eyes to appear may also be due to the lubrication of the vessels in the area. The exact cause of this lubrication is revealed after the ophthalmologist’s examination and examinations.

In order for the sebaceous glands in the detention area to pass, first of all, foods that will increase cholesterol should not be consumed. Among these foods, you should stay away from meat, black tea, coffee, instant coffee, cheese, etc.

Apart from the foods that should be avoided, stress should also be avoided. Conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, sadness, crying can cause an increase in under-eye fat.

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